Katherine is a dynamic and experienced presenter, whose talks are informative, interactive and fun.

She is regularly booked to speak about her work with both children and adults, and she is passionate about fostering a love of reading, writing and illustrating. She has presented around the world, giving book talks, running workshops and visiting schools and libraries. She has featured at festivals such as the Brisbane Writers Festival (Australia), Bologna Book Fair (Italy), the Northern Territory Writers Festival (Australia) and MASC Young Authors and Illustrators Conference (Canada). She is also a popular mentor and editor for those interested in writing or illustrating children's books.


For young people

Katherine has many talks and workshops she regularly runs for young people, however she is always happy to adapt her talks to the needs of her audience. Examples of her presentations include:

  • Book Talks - where she fosters a love of reading through stories and activities.
  • Writing Workshops -  which include a series of writing tasks that help young people create vivid stories that come to life, covering topics such as characterisation, dialogue, writing using the five senses, creating a sense of place and building tension.
  • Illustration Workshopswhere participants learn how to create their own characters and capture them on the page, and covers techniques such as how to use facial expressions and body language to capture emotion and personality.

For Adults

Katherine is a passionate presenter of workshops and talks for those interested in writing and illustrating for young people. Examples of her presentations include:

  • Writing workshops - covering topics such as the evolution of children's literature, developing strong characters, crafting dialogue, world building, pacing, story structure and the business of writing (including literary agents, a writer's CV, cover letters and getting published).

  • Illustration workshops - where participants learn about developing strong characters, using colour, positive / negative space, working with perspective, storyboarding, visual literacy and developing a portfolio.


Katherine is a sought after mentor and editor, and loves helping storytellers develop their craft. She works with writers and illustrators both face to face and via Skype, either privately or through the Qld Writers Centre. She regularly mentors people in the following areas:

  • Picture books manuscripts
  • Early chapter book manuscripts
  • Picture book illustrations
  • Illustration portfolios